These pages are dedicated to a variety of technical documents – originating from study notes or on the job experience.

The current categorisation and content are somewhat ad hoc at the moment, however as time goes by and more documents are uploaded these pages should take on a more refined and structured layout. Categories are as follows:

  • LAN and Enterprise: IGPs, Switching, Multicast, NAT, Firewall Security, SNMP, Link Aggregation
  • WAN and Internet: eBGP, DNS, L2TP, Peering & Transit
  • Service Provider Core: MPLS & LDP, Overlay & Tunnelling Technologies, High Availability, iBGP, Confederations, Route Reflection
  • Hardware and Data Center:Cabling & Connectivity, Device Hardware, Media Types, Data Center Operations
  • Certifications and Fundamentals: Many of my study notes will typically cover topics that fall into multiple categories. As such the documents on this page will be one of the following two flavours:
    • Quick reference notes or guides covering a range of topics geared towards one particular certification.
    • More broad, fundamental topics (packet or protocol structures etc.)

IPv6 has been spread throughout all the categories rather than having a dedicated section.

Documents are in PDF format and can be download by clicking on the thumbnail.