WAN & Internet

wan_imageThis page shows some useful documents on WAN and public internet architectures that sit between Service Providers and across the global backbone. Technologies include eBGP Peering/Transit, L2TP, DNS, Internet Routing Registries and so forth.

  • BGP Path Control: It’s good to have this printed on your desk or sitting somewhere for easy access until it becomes second nature.


  • BGP Path Attribute Types: This document gives a flow chart defining the different BGP Path Attributes types, showing which attribute falls under which type.


  • DNS Basics: This gives a broad overview of how the Domain Name System works and offer quick reference for anyone new to its workings.


  • L2TP Overview: Summary diagram of the fundamentals of L2TP along with its connection establishment and operation with PPP.


  • SSL Order of Operation: This shows the sequence of events that takes place behind the scenes when your PC browses to a website using HTTPS with SSL.


  • local-as command: The BGP local-as command, and all of its options, can be tough to get your head around. This document gives a concise breakdown of what each of the different options are and how they affect the AS_PATH attribute. A supplementary lab can be downloaded here.