Notes & Cheat Sheets

These pages are dedicated to a variety of technical documents – originating from study notes or on-the-job experience.

The current categorisation and content are somewhat ad hoc at the moment, however as time goes by and more documents are uploaded these pages should take on a more refined and structured layout. Categories are as follows:

  • LAN & Enterprise: IGPs, Switching, Multicast, NAT, Firewall Security, SNMP, Link Aggregation, QoS
  • WAN & Internet: eBGP, DNS, L2TP, Peering & Transit
  • Data Centre & Hardware: Cabling & Connectivity, Device Hardware, Media Types, Data Centre Operations
  • Service Provider Core: MPLS & LDP, Overlay & Tunnelling Technologies, High Availability, iBGP, Confederations, Route Reflection, Inter-AS MPLS Options, MPLS Traffic Engineering, Segment Routing
  • Fundamentals & Certifications: Many of my study notes will typically cover topics that fall into multiple categories. As such the documents on this page will be one of the following two flavours:
    • Quick reference notes or guides covering a range of topics geared towards one particular certification.
    • More broad, fundamental topics (packet or protocol structures etc.)

IPv6 has been spread throughout all the categories rather than having a dedicated section.

Documents are in PDF format and can be download by clicking on its thumbnail image. See below for a full index of all documents or visit the page of a given category.


Document Index

LAN & Enterprise

WAN & Internet

Data Centre & Hardware

Service Provider Core


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