Fundamentals and Certifications


The documents shown on this page cover both specific Network Engineer certifications and fundamentals concepts. Please keep the disclaimer on the About page in mind when reviewing these notes.

  • CCNA Study Notes: These are my original CCNA Routing and Switching Study notes (from around 2009). They are  good bullet point summaries of some of the topics covered. Download CCNA Summary Notes
  • TCP/IP vs OSI Comparison: A simple comparison of the TCP/IP and OSI Protocol Stacks.


  • Layered Structure of a Frame: ok so… ARP is used to get MAC addresses but it’s not an IPv4 protocol? EIGRP and OSPF don’t use TCP? Port numbers, Ethertypes and protocols at all different levels. Check out this pdf to get a clear picture of the breakdown of the different layers when looking at a frame and how they interrelate. Ethernet, IPv4 has been shown as an example.