Category: BGP

It’s not easy building GRE

This quirk looks at an interesting scenario whereby a multi-national ISP builds a GRE tunnel over a Transit provider as a backup path.

Routing loop shambles

This quirk looks into the problems that can arise when using OSPF sham-links over an MPLS network when a dual-homed site is involved.

Peering into the Future

Network automation is becoming more and more ubiquitous these days. Configuration generation is a good example of this – why spend time copy and pasting from prepared templates if a script can do it for you? This small blog introduces the first python script… Continue Reading “Peering into the Future”

Asymmetric routing caused by unfiltered redistribution

This quirk demonstrates how the different administrative distances of BGP, combined with the Best Path Selection algorithm can cause asymmetric routing if redistribution isn’t done carefully. As a reminder, each blog will follow 3 sections: The quirk, the search and the work. The quirk… Continue Reading “Asymmetric routing caused by unfiltered redistribution”