Category: VRFs

IVE ARP’d on for too long

The purpose of this blog is to highlight how different platforms respond to ARP requests and to explore some strange default operations on Juniper IVE VPN platforms. This quirk was found during a datacentre migration, during which the top-of-rack/first-hop device changed from a Cisco… Continue Reading “IVE ARP’d on for too long”

MPLS Management misconfiguration

There are many different ways for ISPs to manage MPLS devices like routers and firewalls that are deployed to customer sites. This quirk explores one such solution and looks at a scenario where a misconfiguration results in VRF route leaking between customers. The quirk When… Continue Reading “MPLS Management misconfiguration”

Site by Site MPLS Breakout Migration

This months quirk is a bit late. I have been studying furiously and managed to pass my Deploying Cisco Service Provider Advanced Network Routing exam last week. Only two to go before I get CCNP SP. 🙂 Another plus side is that I have a tonne… Continue Reading “Site by Site MPLS Breakout Migration”